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Henry Marionnet Domaine de la Charmoise Touraine 2016 

Henry Marionnet Domaine de la Charmoise Touraine 2016  Dark ruby color with purple hue. Nose of ripe red and black berries with spices note, earth and violet flowers. Quite concentrated on the palate, it still finds balance due to its acidity level and a sour-bitter finish that brings in some crispyness to the wine. Feels structured (for a Gamay of course, not generally speaking!), it’ll hold on for a few years, or few minutes in your glass as it’s the two options offered with this wine! Good+ (88) Made of  Gamay from vines planted between 1967 and 1978. Aged in tanks. Alcohol level of  12% Available in SAQ stores for 16,75$ (Code SAQ : 00329532) Henry Marionnet’s […]

El Coto Crianza Rioja 2013 

El Coto Crianza Rioja 2013 Dark ruby color. Nose of black berries, spices, smoke, vanilla and oak. Silky mouth feel where the oak flavors coats the fruit without any excess. The smoky and spicy notes with the vanilla with garnish the finish. Could get some air in a decanter to help the wine being even more expressive. Good+ (88)  Made of Tempranillo. Aged 12 months in new Amerian oak barrels, then 6 months before release. Alcohol level of 13% Available in SAQ stores for 16,10$ (Code SAQ : 11254188) El Coto de Rioja’s website: elcoto.com Sample proposed by Les Sélections Fréchette: selectionsfrechette.com

Dominique Piron Domaine de la Chanaise Morgon 2015

Dominique Piron Domaine de la Chanaise Morgon 2015 Semi-dark purple color. Nose of baked berries, super present warm spices notes and some earth. Chewy, charming, juicy with a more powerful finish than this type of wine usually offers, it is still drinking quite nicely and easily. Flavors of ripe berries and spices, everything to please the guests! If you still have some bottles around, dare to put some down in the cellar as this wine has all the structure needed to aged over a few years. Good+ (88) Made of Gamay. No information available on ageing / winemaking. Alcohol level of 13,5%  Was available in SAQ stores for 22,05$ (Code SAQ :  10272966) Domaine Dominique Piron’s website: domaines-piron.fr Represented in Québec by LCC Vins […]

Trail Estate Gamay Noir VQA Ontario 2014 

Trail Estate Gamay Noir VQA Ontario 2014  Light but young garnet color. Nose of sweet red berries, earth and spices. Flavors of sour and slightly sweet red fruit like sour cherries, cranberries, rhubarb and spices. Felt different from other Gamay I had from Ontario, it was vibrant, a little on the charming side, but I gladly enjoyed it! […]

Norman Hardie County Gamay VQA Prince Edward County 2014 

Norman Hardie County Gamay VQA Prince Edward County 2014  Light ruby color. To me, this smells typicaly like a County wine with red berries, clay, spices with herbacious and salty notes. Flavors of sour berries with a lively acidity, strawberries, rhubarb, sweet spices and a tart finish that shows an amazing fresh and salty finish. This is […]

Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2016 

Domaine Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2016  Medium dark purple-ruby color. Nose where flowers, fresh red berries, earth and spices brings in freshness and balance as fruit ripeness is there. Follows on the palate crunchy and sour-bitter red fruit and a good acidity level. This wine is really fruit forward and with its lenght, everything is there to make this highly […]

Château Yvonne La Folie Saumur-Champigny 2014

Château Yvonne La Folie Saumur-Champigny 2014 Dark purple color. Nose of blackberries, crushed raspberries with a good amount of spices notes. Silky mouthfeel at first, then  the brightness of the wine shows all the goodness this type of Cabernet Franc can offer. The tart and sour fruit flavors on the finish brings in an enjoyable vibrant twist. […]

Domaine J. Chamonard Fleurie La Madone 2015

Domaine J. Chamonard Fleurie La Madone 2015 Relatively dark and foggy purple color. Nose of blueberrie pastries on which one would’ve thrown on wet earth and a bunch of spices. Rich mouth feel without falling into heaviness, but doesn’t feel much complex either at this young stage of its life. To its defense, it gets much better with air and changes quickly so, if opened now, it should be followed […]